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Besides of conventional curing process-vacuum bagging or vacuum infusion, we prefer more to autoclave and heat pressing machines. 

Autoclave, a kind of carbon fiber composite curing technology widely used in aerospace, aviation and military, is civilized to more areas, like Formula 1, Supercars etc.. With combination with prepreg, its stable pressure and high temperature can stimulate carbon fiber to reach a higher performance level. We have 5 autoclaves, size is as below:

φ5.5x7.5m, φ4.0x5.5m(2), φ3.0x4.5m, 1.0x2.0m.

Heat pressing machines aim to simple structure parts, which can help to obtain better surface in both front and back sides, more important is that curing time is shorter. We have 3 machines in total.

DSC_0242_meitu_11.jpg     模压车间_meitu_12.jpg

                                  Autoclaves                                                                         Heat Pressing Machines


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