High strength carbon fiber is about to cabbage

2016/7/5 16:47:36

Carbon fiber (fiber carbon, referred to as CF), as its name implies, is a kind of carbon content in more than 95% of the fiber material. It not only has the intrinsic characteristics of carbon materials, but also has the flexibility of textile fibers. It is much lighter than metal aluminum, but the strength is better than steel, and the characteristics of the corrosion resistance and high modulus. All kinds of advantages, make it become the current universal material, become the basis of the current high-end manufacturing. It is widely applied in the high-tech fields of aerospace, diving equipment, high-end vehicle manufacturing etc..

At present, the grade standard of the carbon fiber material generally, using Toray company in Japan, the development of norms, with English letter suffix t 100 integer classification, marking its tensile strength. If there are special specifications in the number after the additional letters. In accordance with the relevant standards, T300 carbon fiber, its tensile strength should be 3.5Gpa; and T700 tensile should be more than 4.9Gpa. At present, the most powerful carbon fiber T800 has been realized in the scale of industrialization, and its tensile strength should not be less than 5.49Gpa. In theory, the ultimate tensile strength of carbon fiber materials can reach a shocking 180Gpa.