Those countries will be blocked China, job out lamenting!

2016/7/5 16:49:52

On 2 July 2015, China Textile Industry Federation in the city organization held by Zhongfu Shenying Carbon Fiber Co., Ltd., Donghua University, Jiangsu Eagle Tour Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. is a joint commitment to "kiloton high strength, high strength model for dry jet wet spinning high performance carbon fiber, the key technology and industrialization project technical achievements appraisal. Sun Jinliang, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, said the Zhongfu Shenying took the lead in the country built the first based on the dry jet wet spinning process of carbon fiber production line, which SYT49 kiloton scale (12K), SYT55 for 100 tons scale (12K), are to achieve the continuous and stable operation. Its R & D technology level reached the leading domestic, some performance indicators than the level of similar products abroad, can completely replace imports. It is understood that, at present, the vast majority of domestic carbon fiber production enterprises using wet spinning preparation of T700 or T800 grade carbon fiber. With the traditional wet spinning, dry wet spinning technology has the advantages of high production efficiency, good carbon fiber quality and low production cost.

China Heilongjiang Province Tianshun Chemical Technology Development Co., Ltd. to bear the "T700 Carbon Fiber during carbonization test production line and technology project" Research on February 5, through the identification. According to the relevant government information disclosure, the project annual output of 5 tons of carbon fiber. This enterprise production line is characterized by low cost, less pollution, the production of T700 grade carbon fiber costs can be controlled within 200 yuan per kilogram. This is considered to solve the problems of high cost and unstable quality of high performance carbon fiber in China. At present our country has more than 10 enterprises in the development and production of high performance carbon fiber.

There is no doubt that the above information indicates that the Chinese people once again to break the technical barriers of foreign hostile forces to china. And a large number of low cost quality and reliability of high strength carbon fiber, the reproduction of the scenes in the iron and steel, photovoltaic cells, commercial, such as unmanned aerial vehicle industry and thoroughly crush once for European companies, which dominate the market rules and pricing standards! Thanks to those who have blocked us, it is because of you to spare no effort, forcing us to work hard and self-reliance, to break out of one of the other people's road.

Is the so-called - to take other people's road, let others have no way to go!