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GT-R35 Carbon Fiber Bodykits by Oyacarbon

Visited:    Time: 2017/3/30 22:41:47

In order to develop a unique set of carbon fiber body kits to the legend car GT-R35, we invest one car and make a brand new design, every part is perfect fitment. Aggressive front face, exaggerated air vents in hood, complicated lines at rear bumper, they leave deep impression to anyone getting a glimpse of it.

Whole body kits have front bumper, front hood, front fenders, rear view mirror covers, doors, side skirts, rear trunk, rear bumper, interior trim kits and so on, for more details, pls check product category or sales.

Below is a Youtube link about GT-R35 customized by us.

Welcome any inquries. 

GTR S1_meitu_17.jpg


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