2nd New Bike Arrived--Kawasaki Z900 2017+

2017/5/6 14:01:35

In the 1st week of May, we're glad that new parts for our 2nd bike in 2017 arrived, it's Kawasaki Z900 2017+. 

The logan of new Z900 is "EXCITE THE SENSES". Every twist of the throttle is rewarded with crisp, exhilarating acceleration and an ultra-lightweight chassis lends itself to spirited sport riding. Designed for maximum riding pleasure, this sublime balance of power and handling make the Z900 exceptionally exciting and easy to ride. If body works are modified into carbon fiber, more than aggressive outlooks, they will drive light weight to the extreme extent. 

All parts are under molds development and will be ready for carbon fiber production in 20th May. Welcome your inquiry and booking.