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Carbon Fiber Fuel Tank by Oyacarbon

Visited:    Time: 2017/5/17 8:20:35

Oyacarbon cooperates with a famous motorcycle customer and customizes a carbon fiber fuel tank to offroad bike, it helps him to win 2nd award in racing, he's amazing at the weight reduction by carbon fiber and appreciate what we do.

The carbon fiber fuel tank is scanned firstly, every detail and every accessory is recorded in drawings, then making prototypes and molds, finally coming to carbon production, which is more than 50% lighter than OEM. In furious racing, it doesn't have any problem about leakage, perfect protection. Inlet and outlet oil pipes are at right places and easy to replace and fit on.

We welcome any of your inquiry about customizing and carbon fiber composites, as professionalism drives us to perfect.

oil tank (1)_meitu_1.jpg

oil tank (3)_meitu_3.jpg

oil tank (2)_meitu_2.jpg


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